You can say 'NO'

You can say 'NO'

Last night the Christian Democratic Party stood for the 12 electorates of Western Sydney who voted ‘NO’ to same-sex marriage.  

Yesterday the Miscellaneous Acts Amendment (Marriages) Bill 2018 was debated in the NSW Upper House. This Bill has harmonised NSW marriage law with Commonwealth marriage law.

As I have stated before, I believe that marriage and the family is the basic unit, the foundation, the bedrock, the load-bearing beam of society. Children are the most vulnerable members of our society. Traditional marriage provides a stable environment for children to be nurtured, raised and educated by their mother and father. During the debate my colleague stated on the record:

“We cannot, in good conscience, vote for any law that contributes to the redefinition of fundamental concepts such as marriage and family.”

Last night for the federal government seats of Banks, Barton, Bennelong, Blaxland, Chifley, Fowler, Greenway, McMahon, Mitchell, Parramatta, Watson and Werriwa the Christian Democratic Party took a stand and represented your views in our state parliament.  

We are increasingly being told that our belief is unacceptable and discriminatory, yet despite this the Christian Democratic Party will continue to stand and vocally represent our faith and values.