We're for the One

We're for the one

“Paul isn’t in this to make a name for himself or to make a legacy. He cares about the one, and will raise his voice for the one. He is committed to making people’s lives better.”

We need our representatives to be authentic and compassionate. To be able to connect with real, everyday people and what they are going through. We need good listeners, who when they become aware of the problem, they will advocate on behalf of individuals.

Paul has demonstrated this as a person within the community, a council member and as a state parliamentarian.

When Ms Sue Coutts approached Paul about the closure of Martins Creek Public School and how detrimental it would be for a child in her care, a special needs student at the school, Paul listened and used his influence to advocate for this child.

Closing this school would’ve affected the progress this young child was making in his development and a new school would not have been able to accommodate the complex needs of the student, especially with a short transition period. This would’ve had a flow on affect and put at risk the stability of the family.

Through Paul’s advocating he was able to keep Martins Creek Public School open for several years, allowing this one child to continue to thrive in a safe and stable environment. Paul listened and advocated because he is committed to making real people’s lives better.