The future of NSW and Australia is dependent on regional Australia

We're for NSW Farmers

The Christian Democratic Party are for NSW farmers.


As the son of a farmer, who grew up and still lives in regional NSW, I understand how tough our farmers do it and the importance of supporting our farmers.

Approximately 1/3 of the NSW population live in regional areas, but 2/3 of Australia’s export earnings come from regional industries. And the future of NSW and Australia is dependent on regional Australia, therefore we need to ensure they don’t fall to the wayside.

Both Governments are pledging to spend the $4.2 billion from the sale of NSW’s stake in the Snowy Hydro Scheme in Regional NSW. By 2050 it is projected the population of NSW will grow to 9.8 million, requiring a 70% increase in food requirements. We need to ensure that whoever forms government spends the $4.2 billion wisely for the future of this great state.

There are several areas that need to be the focus to ensure our farmers and regional areas are not left behind.

  1. Water We need improved water management and more dams. The recent fish kills in the Menindee Lakes and the findings of the Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission is proof of this.
  2. Internet With the increasing technology of farming equipment, our farmers need reliable and high-speed internet to take advantage of these improvements. On top of this, with poor access to education and health care facilities, reliable internet helps
  3. Electricity The Select Committee on Electricity Supply, Demand and Prices in NSW I chaired highlighted the lack of competition in regional areas, combined with the added cost of infrastructure to supply regional areas, this has led to customers paying 25% more than urban customers. And as our farmers have high energy demands to run their businesses we need to be rethinking electricity delivery to regional areas to support, not punishes our farmers. For the farming industry to grow to support our population and economy we need our governments to find more efficient, cost-effective and reliable approaches for electricity transmission. Farming technology requires significant energy input, and with expensive and unreliable energy we are putting unfair limitations on our farmers.


It is projected that the population of NSW will reach 9.8 Million by 2050, and globally the world will need a 70% increase in food requirements. We need to be ensuring we help our farmers be at the forefront of meeting global food production. The CDP for 38 years has been a voice for farmers when the Nationals have let them down and will continue to do if re-elected.