We're for Education: Supporting Home Education

We're for Education

"Paul was the one who actually listened, he got the Government to listen as well." 

Education is vital for our children.

We need to make sure our kids get the great education and values they need for a brighter future. 

When I first met with the Home Education Association (HEA), I quickly saw that it was a largely ignored group of people. The Christian Democratic Party was proud to lend its support and influence to the HEA.

Homeschooling is a unique and often misunderstood form of education available to parents in NSW. Parents are able to tailor a flexible and interactive pathway catering to their child's learning abilities. 

Many parents choose to home school due to varying reasons such as; bullying, religious exemptions or due a child requiring special care and flexibility. 

Working with the HEA, together we drew the Government's attention to the lack of support provided to parents who home schooled. . 

I believe that if a state is genuinely interested in a child's education then it should embrace the opportunity to mix and match education types. For instance a child who is educated at home for three days a week, would most definitely benefit from attending a class at their local school one day per week, even if it was a library class or sporting program. 

With our balance of power, the CDP, instituted an inquiry into Home Schooling in 2014. Giving many parents a first time opportunity to express their experience of this education system and alert the Government to calls for change. 

I am proud of this achievement and continue to work with the Government to gain better outcomes for all parents and caregiver's who choose to home school.