Warning: Graphic content

WARNING: Graphic Content

I have received an email from Collective Shout - I was greatly alarmed at the child-like s*x dolls that are for sale on the budget friendly, 'Wish' website.  

The sale of these dolls, demonstrates the demand that exists around the world. I note in the correspondence from Collective Shout they stated:

"The very sale of these dolls is an endorsement of paedophilia. Why is Wish promoting crimes of violence against children?"

In 2016, of the 23,052 cases of sexual assault recorded by police, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) estimated that the number of child victims aged 0-19 was 12,956 - this is 56% of all sexual assault crimes. 

In 2017 an ABS report showed that more that 1.4million Australians were sexually abused before their 15th birthday. 

With statistics like these and so many organisations working to protect our children I find it astounding that items like these are available for sale online. 

It is in fact illegal to import such dolls into Australia. Recently the Australian Border Force has intercepted the importation of nine child sex doll across Australia. The Australian Border Force has committed to pursuing the full force of the law in these cases, with penalties including fines of up to $450,000 and imprisonment of up to 10 years against anyone attempting to import these objects. 

It is important that we respond and communicate our disgust at the sale of these items online. Collective Shout is calling on us all to:

1) Delete your Wish account.

2) Contact Wish on FacebookTwitter, or via Customer Support (if you have the app).

3) Got an iPhone? Hop on the App Store and leave a review, or contact the App Store on Twitter. If you have an Android phone, visit Google Play to leave a review or report the app, and contact them on Twitter.

In April this year Amazon pulled its line of child sex dolls from sale and together I believe we must do all we can to cause a such a change again. 

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