Every vote truly does count.

Voting in the Upper House

Every vote truly does count

In an article in the Catholic Weekly on the 20th January 2019, Monica Doumit highlighted the importance of the Upper House vote in the NSW State Election this year.

In November 2017, a bill to legalise euthanasia and assisted-suicide was introduced to the NSW Upper House. This Bill was voted down 20 to 19. One single vote could have allowed precious individuals, when they are at their most vulnerable, to terminate their life. A life that is precious to Jesus. A life He bled and died for.

In her article, Monica highlights how the Rev. Hon. Fred Nile and I have held the balance of power, and how our vote helped stop this Bill from passing. And how differently the vote could have gone if our seat was held by another member who was for euthanasia. We would, along with Victoria have legalised State assisted suicide. Every vote truly does count.

With any election, the media reports predominately on candidates running in the Lower House, with very little attention given to those running in the Upper Houses of our Governments. Our attention is focused on our local electorate, who will promise the most for us, and the large piece of paper for the Upper House is a quick after thought.

I encourage you to prayerfully consider how you will vote in both the Lower and Upper Houses in the coming elections. I encourage those of you who feel strongly about issues such as euthanasia to contact your local members and Upper House representatives and tell them your concerns. Let them know what you expect of them, because after all it is you, our constituents who we represent.

When the new Government is formed after the 23rd of March this year, it will matter how you voted. With Mark Latham running as a One Nation candidate and federal Senator David Leyonhjelm making a move to the NSW Upper House, the agenda of the new Parliament could make way for assisted suicide and euthanasia in NSW.

So I encourage you, like Monica Doumit, to make this the “year we must fight”, and God willing we can continue to keep Christian values at the forefront of the agenda for the next NSW Government.