Specialist support for the school, the child and their family

The Shepherd Centre

The Shepherd Centre enables children with hearing loss and their families to be as independent and successful as possible during their education.

The Shepherd Centre is a specialist centre, providing support for school transition for children with hearing loss, from mild to profound, and their families. The goal of the program is to build capacity of the children and their families, not on language, equipping them for independent success during their years in education.

The program allows for more focused specialist support, which is not possible with funding split over hundreds of schools, and has several key focuses, including;

  • Supporting schools to provide best learning and school environment for children with hearing loss.
  • Support teachers in how best to support the development of the child with hearing loss.
  • Equipping the child with knowledge, skills and capacity to help them develop social skills, self-advocacy and pre-literacy skills.
  • Providing the caregivers and families with skills and capacity to support their child.

The annual cost of the program is on average $3,860 per child, and currently services 131 children aged 4-6 that they are supporting.

The research into the benefits of this program have demonstrated the achievements and success of educational outcomes, including;

  • Students commence school with normal levels of anxiety and social inclusion (compared to distressingly poor situation for children with hearing loss)
  • Graduate from year 12 and tertiary education at the same rate (or better) as the general population (again in contrast to the normal outcomes for children with hearing loss).

It is my hope that this program is adequately funded by the incoming government, and if re-elected I will fight to ensure that this program is able to continue to provide support for children with hearing loss, and their families.

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Authorised by Paul Green, The Christian Democratic Party, Sydney.