We believe that God is the author of life and that human life originates at conception

The Right to Life

We believe that God is the author of life and that human life originates at conception

On the 46th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade (New York state), The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) was introduced, making way for late abortions to be performed. This has been done to protect women’s rights in New York if Roe vs. Wade is overturned in the Supreme Court.

Previously, abortions were only legal in the third trimester if the mother’s life was at risk. This new act has three significant changes;

1. It makes way for an abortion to occur through to the woman’s due date, when the woman’s life or health is at risk, or due to the foetus not being viable. With health being defined as everything from physical and mental health, to financial health.

2. It allows the abortion to be performed by a health care practitioner licensed, certified or authorised, according to their “reasonable and good-faith professional judgement.”

3. It removes abortion from the criminal code and creates a new section of the Public Health Law.
This is heartbreaking.

At the Christian Democratic Party, we are unashamedly pro-life. We believe in the right to life:
We believe that God is the author of life and that human life originates at conception. Abortion and euthanasia must be opposed under all circumstances as the shedding of innocent blood.

I do not believe legalised abortion progresses womens’ rights, especially if that means the killing of innocent children. A woman’s right should not surpass a child’s right to life and the right to protection.

The RHA could lead to further changes in legislation that prosecutes an individual who murders a foetus in a domestic violence attack or car accident. How can we differentiate between babies born at prematurely 36 weeks being protected through laws that recognise its existence as a human being, but a baby at 37 weeks gestation is not afforded those same protections?

In NSW, abortion is a criminal offence, except in certain circumstances. Even then, both the woman and the doctor performing the procedure risk prosecution.

I will continue to raise a voice for the most vulnerable when they cannot speak, and to ensure NSW laws recognise and protect life from the moment of conception. I will continue to fight for support for women when facing unwanted or complicated pregnancies, and they feel an abortion is their only option. Every life is precious, and I believe we need to ensure that our laws reflect the sanctity of each miraculous gift God gives us.