It is important we do something to help revitalise the music and arts economy in NSW

The music and arts economy

The Christian Democratic Party supports live music in NSW


I chaired the inquiry into the music and arts economy of NSW, which was established on the 23rd November 2017. We had over 400 submissions and travelled throughout NSW and to Melbourne to conduct hearings meet with stakeholders, allowing them to voice their concerns.

The result was a report including 60 recommendations. And it has been disappointing to see that the NSW Government has failed to follow through on any of these.

Some of the recommendations included in this report are:

Recommendation 1

That the Premier appoint a Minister for Music, the Arts and Culture in place of the Minister for the Arts, or appoint a Minister for Music in addition to the Minister for Arts.

Recommendation 6

That Create NSW fund Music NSW to develop and implement, in conjunction with music industry stakeholders and Destination NSW, a marketing campaign that encourages people to attend live music gigs and events.

Recommendation 7

That the NSW Government match funding, per capita, for contemporary music with that of the Victorian Government over the next four years.

Recommendation 12

That Create NSW lobby its Commonwealth counterparts to reinstate funding to the Live Music Office in recognition of its excellent work.

Recommendation 17

That Create NSW fund MusicNSW to support a New South Wales Music Crawl and take music industry professionals into regional areas to showcase regional venues, artists and local industry.

Recommendation 18

That Create NSW fund MusicNSW to engage in Regional Music Champions to support the revitalisation of New South Wakes’ regional live music scene.

Recommendation 43

That the NSW Government review and amend liquor legislation to remove outdated conditions for liquor licenses and development applications that place unnecessary restrictions on certain entertainment live music venues, such as prohibiting music genres or specific musical instruments.


It is important we do something to help revitalise the music and arts economy in NSW. The crisis of music venues in the state has had a negative impact on the NSW grassroots music scene, and is hurting national and regional touring circuits.

And it is having a negative impact on our economy, as NSW has the largest share of contemporary music activity in Australia, generating $325 million in revenue for the NSW economy. And as Sydney is the gateway to Australia for international and domestic tourists, not having a vibrant music industry is costing us greatly.

The Christian Democratic Party supports live music in NSW and calls for an industry round table with the Premier and her Government.

For the full report see link below 

Music and Arts economy in NSW report