Support our Farmers

Support our Farmers

Just last week the NSW Government confirmed that 100% of the state is now in drought. Farmers across New South Wales and Queensland are calling it the worst drought in living memory.

Farmers across our state have been doing it tough. We have all seen the reports, read the news stories and watched on Facebook as our Farmers struggle to keep stock alive with dwindling water, fodder and hay supplies.

Many land holders are running out of water, the Chair of the Australian Fodder Industry Association, Frank McRae has said that NSW has practically run out of feed for its animals.

Figures from the Department of Primary Industries show every part of the state is affected by the dry conditions. In the past month there has been less than 10mm of rain recorded in western, northwest and central areas of NSW.

I want to acknowledge our farmers who fighting through these harsh conditions across our state, I commend their commitment and resilience.

I know that many of us have been moved by what we have seen, heard and read online. I thought that I would provide for those who are interested some links to how we can all support our Farmers.*

Australian Red Cross

Buy a Bale

Drought Angels

Aussie Helpers

Lions Need for Feed

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal 

Salvation Army

*I cannot vouch for each link and or agency, so I would encourage you all to read and consider where you choose to support.   

Every bit counts.