Show of "good faith"

Show of "good faith"

Over the last 7 years, the Christian Democratic Party, has worked consistently with the Government at moving forward state reform. Reform that has preserved the states triple-A credit rating and super-charged the state budget from a $5 billion deficit to a surplus of over $4 billion. 

The Christian Democratic Party has worked with the Government in good faith over many years, responsibly holding the balance of power for the last seven years.

We are now calling on the NSW Government and the Premier to pass the Modern Slavery Bill through the Legislative Assembly, with no amendments. 

The Modern Slavery Bill is a historic Bill and the first of its kind in Australia. New South Wales has an incredible opportunity to draw a line in the sand and set the bar on tackling this heinous crime. 

The Bill is measured in its approach and seeks to establish an Anti-Slavery Commissioner; ensure that a victim-centered approach is taken for those whose lives have encountered this crime; it introduces reporting mechanisms for businesses turning over $50 million per year and seeks to strengthen the law around cyber-sex trafficking and forced childhood marriage. 

I am calling on the NSW Government to pass this Bill without amendment in the lower house to ensure that a strong and robust bill can be put into action in our state. 

It is anticipated that the Modern Slavery Bill will be debated in the Legislative Assembly this week, and it will be introduced by the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP, Premier of NSW.