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You can now share some of the achievements of the Christian Democratic Party online. 

Hear how we have helped change lives and protect communities over the last 8 years.

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We're for Affordable Energy

CDP stood for 160,000 families and retiree's in NSW and stopped the Liberal National Government from downgrading solar rebates.


We're for Water Security

We need a secure and affordable supply for water, for city and rural residents alike. CDP believes much work lies ahead to drought-proof NSW.


We're for the One

In 2014 Paul stood and stopped the closure of Martin's Creek Public School. Ensuring that one young boy, with various learning difficulties, would be able to complete his education with the school's safe and secure environment. 


We're for Education

Paul drew cross-party attention to the plight of many home schooling families, who were not being adequately supported by the Government. 


We're for Social Justice

Paul introduced the very first Modern Slavery Bill to the Parliament of NSW. This Bill passed both Houses on 22 June 2018, an Australian first. 


We're for Local Communities

Paul has been a vocal advocate for many local communities across our state, including the South Coast also known as "Shoalheaven". 


We're for the One - Martin's Creek Public School


We're for the One - Part One 


We're for the One - Part Two