Save our Scripture!

Save our Scripture!

Scripture classes provide kids with an important opportunity to ask life’s big questions and to learn about their faith.

They’ve been an important part of our education system right back since the 1800s. 

Now school scripture classes are coming under unprecedented attack.


The NSW Teachers Federation is using the 2019 New South Wales State Election to campaign for the removal of school scripture.

Their spokesman has said:

“Federation’s policy is that NSW public schools must be completely secular in order to provide for students from diverse cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds.”  Source: Sydney Morning Herald 24 January 2019

Our children cannot afford to miss out on school scripture classes.

In these challenging times and faced with things like cyber-bullying and social media pressures and domestic violence, now more than ever, our kids need to know about the love of God.

That’s why I’m asking for your support today to make a stand for the future of school scripture.

You can show your support for scripture classes by signing this petition and helping to build a movement of people who will defend school scripture.

2,500 signatures

Will you sign?

School scripture classes have been a feature of the NSW education system since the 1800s.

They provide kids with an opportunity to ask life’s big questions and explore their faith.

In recent years, the NSW Government have watered down the special place that scripture classes hold in our schools.

The introduction of secular ethics classes and changes to school enrolment forms have had implications on scripture classes to the point of weakening SRE.

Now the NSW Teachers' Federation and a few activist groups calling for the complete removal of school scripture.

I support school scripture and the special role that it plays in kids’ lives.