Religious Freedoms Bill introduced

Religious Freedoms Bill introduced

Rev. Hon. Fred Nile MLC, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party introduced to the Legislative Council, the Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious Freedoms) Bill 2018 on Thursday 17th May, 2018.

The Christian Democratic Party is working to safeguard the ability of faith-based schools to teach faith-based values without penalty, as well as, ensuring churches do not lose their charitable status because of their faith.

This is one of the most important Bills introduced into the NSW Parliament. Overseas, people of faith continue to be pushed into the margins of society, and this is something we do not want to see happen in NSW.

Rev. Hon Fred Nile MLC and Hon. Paul Green MLC hold concerns for the ongoing ability of schools and faith-based charities and organisations to be able to continue to operate, with Government support and funding. In these uncertain times, some of our most fundamental freedoms are coming under attack like never before and we must stand for our freedoms.

This Bill will protect individuals of faith and faith-based organisations from discrimination, and allow them to practice their religion in the public square. 

Mr Green believes that people should be able to stay true to their convictions. Every human being is entitled to live according to his or her conscience, whether or not that be faith driven.