Released: Religious Freedom Report

Release of the Religious Freedom Review

I welcome the release of the Religious Freedoms Review and the Australian Government response today.
CDP has had a Bill on the table in the Parliament of NSW since July 2018 Anti Discrimination Amendment (Religious Freedoms) Bill.
We welcome the Prime Minister's support to introduce a Religious Discrimination Bill into the Parliament of Australia. We hope that the Labor party and other cross-bench member's will respect the findings of the Religious Freedom Review and work constructively to ensure that the freedom of religion is protected by Australian law. 
As the Government response correctly states:
"...freedom of religion is one right among many others and so, in practice, this right co-exists with a broad suite of other human rights. Importantly though, freedom of religion is not subordinate or secondary to the other rights which it will necessarily be balanced with."
We look forward to continuing to work and defend religious freedoms in our state and hope for positive developments in defending freedom of religion at a federal level.