It is good and strong policies that make good governments, not popular personalities.

Policy not Politics

It is good and strong policies that make good governments, not popular personalities.

These days, politics has become more about personality than policy. We see parties tear themselves apart when they feel a leader is no longer popular enough to win an election, resulting in leadership challenges and spills.

Even though I am immersed in politics and see it up close, I still find the revolving door of political leaders questionable. It is not popular personalities that make good governments, but rather good and strong policies. No individual person can deliver a government that gives us good schools and excellent healthcare. I prefer, even if sometimes unpopular, for a party to enact policy that makes NSW and Australia the greatest place to live.

It is why I love what I’ve been called to do and thank God for the immense privilege he has given me. Since 2011, The Hon. Rev Fred Nile MLC and I have held the balance of power in the NSW Legislative Council (The House of Review). We have been able to use that position to help keep the NSW Government to account, and to help fight for good policies that we believe will improve the lives of NSW residents.

One such example of bad policy is the Safe Schools Program. This so called anti-bullying program promoted gender fluidity to our children and young people, which is harmful to their young minds and resulted in the sexualisation of NSW children. We fought against this program and instead helped the Government introduce a broader and more comprehensive all-inclusive anti-bullying strategy. As well as continued support of Special Religious Education (SRE) and school chaplains to ensure our education system is well equipped to support students when they need it most.

It’s not just Education where we have fought for good policies, but also across other key areas, such as;

1. Health
• I chaired the inquiry into off-protocol chemotherapy in NSW, as cancer patients deserve to have their treatment abide by best practice and should be able to trust their doctors and hospitals that they’re acting within the bounds of reasonable care.
• We are for a health care system that supports people at all stages of the life span and believe that supporting palliative care is the best way to deal with end of life and not euthanasia.
• We also helped secure funding for the redevelopment of Shoalhaven Hospital because Regional Healthcare is vital and should not be overlooked.

2. Infrastructure
• We used our vote to help get key policies through that legislated the leasing of our electricity distribution network and ports. The proceeds of this policy have benefited NSW and have resulted in significant infrastructure projects such as West Connex Motorway.
• I was also able to help secure commitments to the Princes Highway Upgrade, which includes a new bridge for the Shoalhaven River crossing.

3. Family
• We believe that families are the most important pillars in society, and we need strong families to help build a strong state.
• I chaired an inquiry into electricity prices in NSW, as we need to be making things easier for families, not harder.
• It is our responsibility to protect all children, even the unborn and will make a stand against any policies, which exploit or harm our children.
• I was honoured to introduce the Modern Day Slavery Bill 2018, which helps put a stop to slavery like practices such as cyber sex trafficking.

4. Values
• We stand for Christian values, while also supporting freedom of choice in regards to religion or spiritual faith of any kind.
• Religious Freedom needs to be protected, and the right to freedom of religion and faith should not come second to other rights.
• We will fight to keep the Lord’s Prayer in Parliament.
• We will oppose Sharia Law in NSW.

It has been an honour to serve the people of NSW thus far and it is my hope that if entrusted with another term in NSW Parliament I can continue to represent the people of NSW and help ensure they benefit from a government that provides good policy.