We're fighting for Christian values

We're fighting for Christian values

We've all seen what happens when the major parties get too much power.

That's why we need a strong and trusted voice in Parliament to keep the two big parties honest.

The Christian Democratic Party will fight for the values that have made Australia the greatest nation on Earth.

We have a proven track record using our influence in the Parliament to rein in the excesses of the major parties.

Our Modern Slavery Act is the first piece of legislation anywhere in Australia that tackles the global problem of human trafficking and modern slavery.

We will speak out against the radical agendas of other parties and defend our family Christian values.


We believe that all people were created with the same dignity and value.

That's why we'll fight to put people at the centre of NSW healthcare.

  • support for nurses, doctors and paramedics on the front line
  • support new and expecting mums
  • promote palliative care
  • oppose abortion and euthanasia to protect the vulnerable


We'll make sure our kids get the great education and values they need for a brighter future.

  • protect school scripture classes
  • support school chaplains
  • value families that home-school
  • oppose radical 'gender fluidity' programs like the so-called "Safe Schools" program


We'll fight to preserve our family Christian values so future generations can benefit from the values that have built our country.

  • introduce the Religious Freedoms Act
  • keep the Lord's Prayer in Parliament
  • oppose Islamic Sharia law
  • fighting against exploitation of our vulnerable