Our commitment to protecting Life

Our commitment to protecting Life

The Christian Democratic Party has a long history of standing for life in the Parliament of New South Wales.

We are a pro-life party and believe that human life originates at conception and should be protected, respected and valued at all ages.

It seems every couple of years, we are all shocked by another horrendous news article about a car accident, often caused by someone driving under the influence, that results in the death of an unborn baby.

And while these stories are tragic, the injustice is compounded by the fact the NSW Crimes Act doesn’t recognise the death of the child.

This is why Fred Nile has introduced Zoe's Law to the current Parliament.

A driver, under the influence, can be charged for injuring the pregnant mother, but not her unborn child.

Zoe’s Law changes that by introducing a penalty for a person who causes serious harm or the death of an unborn baby (except in the circumstances of abortion).

Fred and I are proud to fight for the rights of unborn babies because we believe every life is precious.

Over the last 37 years Fred has always stood for pro-life values. Throughout my time serving this state, I have done the same. 

In the last few years, as many of you would know, bills have been introduced regarding euthanasia, full-term abortion and 150 metre exclusion zones - all have been debated and voted on in the NSW upper house.

In these debates the Christian Democratic Party has clearly stated our position on the record and voted accordingly. We have always stood strong and in support of traditional values.

Anyone who examines the voting record on the issues of abortion and euthanasia over the last decade, will notice the transition of  political opinion within the major parties.  

In particular I would like to draw to your attention to the fact, that it was one vote, that halted the introduction of Voluntary Assisted Dying in our state – one vote.

Whilst the Christian Democratic Party holds the balance of power, we are two (2) votes out of forty-one (41) - we must always work together when facing issues such as these. All of my colleagues who stood on this day, against this Bill should be acknowledged.

We believe in the sanctity of life and will do all in our power to preserve it, as long I am able to serve the people of New South Wales in this role.

For those who would like to read further you can access my speeches online here: