Modern Slavery Bill passes NSW Lower House

Modern Slavery Bill passes NSW Lower House

On Wednesday 6 June the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP, Premier of NSW, introduced the Modern Slavery Bill 2018 to the Legislative Assembly.

In the second reading speech the Premier reflected on the privilege it was to introduce the Modern Slavery Bill 2018, on behalf of the Hon. Paul Green MLC, for consideration by the Lower House. 

The Premier acknowledged Mr Green's tireless efforts both inside and outside the House. As well as thanking all the colleagues and supporters throughout the State for the efforts they have made to help raise public awareness about Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in New South Wales. 

The Premier continued: 

It is not every day that members of this place or the other place put forward something that will have a positive impact for literally thousands of people, and I commend the member for all his activity in this regard. 

I have had the honour and privilege of being with the member at community events where he has expressed his views. It is extremely obvious that it is because of his depth of feeling, intensity, good work and goodwill that things have reached this point.

Slavery and human trafficking are transnational crimes that prey on society's most vulnerable people. They have many faces—human trafficking, servitude, forced labour, debt bondage, organ trafficking, deceptive recruiting, child cybersex trafficking, forced marriage and childhood brides. There is an undeniable moral imperative to take action in relation to all modern forms of slavery. 

The Premier concluded: 

I thank the Hon. Paul Green again for his passion, dedication and leadership on this very important matter. I do not use those words lightly. His leadership will ensure the protection of many innocent victims, and that is the key impetus for this bill.