How you can help fight modern slavery

How you can help fight modern slavery

Even to this day, the scourge of slavery exists and is propping up our economy.  Find out how you can help put an end to this evil practice.


It is shocking to think that slavery still exists in the 21st century.

However, this abhorrent practice continues throughout much of the developing world, particularly in South East Asia.

Many big brands in fashion and other sectors rely on slavery throughout their supply chains.

That’s why I have introduced the Modern Slavery Bill 2018 into the Legislative Council of the Parliament of NSW

It was an immense honour and privilege to produce a Bill that recognises the importance of humanity and becomes a voice for the voiceless.

What will the Modern Slavery Bill 2018 do?

  1. Install and Anti-slavery Commissioner
  2. Establish Victim Centred Support
  3. Increase Penalties for offences
  4. Slave-Proof NSW supply lines

You can read the Bill online and to help End Human Trafficking please go to and sign the petition and share with your friends.

I know that by God’s grace and with your support, we can work together to eradicate modern forms of slavery in New South Wales and to set and example for the rest of Australia and the world.