Ensuring Animal Justice

Ensuring Animal Justice

Throughout Australia it is estimated approximately 4.8 million dogs and 3.9 million cats are family pets across our nation.

In my home we contribute to this statistic. We have one cat, Ella, and for more than 15 years I have enjoyed our lovely Labrador dog, Max.

This week the Christian Democratic Party supported the Companion Animals and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018.

Last year in New South Wales there was more than 4,500 dog attacks, we have increased the responsibilities on the owners of dogs that fall into the category of restricted and dangerous dog’s breeds. We need to ensure that owners any restricted breed take proper and appropriate duty of care when it comes to protecting the public.

We have made changes to the advertising of pets that are for sale, ensuring that they have some form of identification to allow animals to be tracked. This will allow for the identification of puppy farms and stop the mistreatment of animals in this way.  

Changes have also been made affecting those who have been previously convicted of cruelty to animals. It will remain that perpetrators are still not able to own or possess any animals, however they will now be prevented from having any influence or control over animals.

The Christian Democratic Party is committed to looking after and being good stewards of the animals of the earth. The Bill passed in the House this week is a big step towards protecting animals that are, in most cases, well-loved members of our families, while also ensuring that those who are doing the right thing are not unfairly disadvantaged.