No Incinerator for Western Sydney

No Incinerator for Western Sydney

Today the 'Energy from Waste' technology was released, calling on the NSW Government to not approve the waste incinerator at Eastern Creek.

The report called on the NSW Government, subject to the current assessment process being conducted by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, to not approve the energy from waste facility proposed by The Next Generation at Eastern Creek. The Committee is asking that this decision be made once the current DA is assessed. 

I believe that it is important that the process is respected. Many families, business and organisations put their confidence into the integrity of the planning assessment process. To overrule this process would establish a dangerous precedent. Especially considering the process is designed to test whether or not the development proposal meets the full guidelines in order to progress. 

We received a lot of information about this particular project, specifically from the NSW Department of Health, the EPA and members of the local communities. This evidence has enabled the Committee to put forward the recommendation asking the Government to not approve the incinerator in Western Sydney. 

A second issue addressed was the Section 88 Waste Levy, of which I have had a particular concern with since my time as Mayor of the Shoalhaven.

This levy is charged in the Shoalhaven and at various councils around the state, when you take your rubbish to the local tip. In eligible locations the levy can be up to 50% of the dumping fee paid. The purpose of the levy is to pay for a way to divert waste from ending up in landfill.

This money raised should be paying for waste infrastructure to be built. Over the next four years the projected revenue of the levy will be $2.2 billion dollars. I am disappointed that now over 2/3 of the levy is in fact making its way into consolidated revenue. This simply unfair and not right. This is more than enough to build an efficient network of waste management facilities across NSW to eventually achieve a zero waste landfill.

I will continue to fight for the residents of New South Wales. 

Full Report: 'Energy for Waste' Technology