East Hills

East Hills

Owen Butt - CDP Candidate for East Hills
NSW State Election 23rd March 2019

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'I have lived in country and city, and this area has been home for 13 years. I have been an electrical engineer, Uniting Church pastor, self-employed handyman, coordinator of Food & Life Padstow, and Australia-wide Spiritual Director for the Walk to Emmaus Christian ministry.  I would like to think that one thing I stand for is HOPE in a sometimes Hope-less world.  My first child was born with special needs; I lost Lynda my wife of 35 years to cancer; if you have known pain and struggle so have I, and also great JOY.  And my love of GOD allows me to remain HOPEFUL and to continue to believe for and work for a better life for all.  How about you?  Can we work together to make a difference?' - Owen Butt  

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