Congregating in Broken Hill

Congregating in Broken Hill

Over the first weekend in May the Hon Paul Green MLC, Member for the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) visited several churches in Broken Hill including, Impact Church, Saltbush Evangelical Church and Living Desert Indigenous Church.

At Living Desert Indigenous Church Paul was invited to share the great history of the Christian Democratic Party and the Indigenous people of New South Wales, including the pivotal role of the Christian Democratic Party played in the passage of the Aboriginal Land Rights Bill.

In 1983 Reverend the Hon. Fred Nile held the balance of power in New South Wales and voted in support of the bill. Today the CDP remains committed to working to ensure that the indigenous community can utilise economic opportunities through land rights to help their communities prosper.

Paul has noted this on the public record several times, his support to return the of lands to indigenous people, free of our planning and red tape. Empowering our indigenous communities to truly make use of these opportunities as the community sees fit. 

Paul also spent time with the Ps Jack Harradine, pastor of the Living Desert Indigenous Church. Particular Ps Jacks' concern for his people, and the role that the church has played in helping to restore their lives.