The CDP are for Christian values

Christian Values Scorecard

The Christian Democratic Party do hope to retain the balance of power

All parties are asked in the lead up to an election to answer questions regarding the position of their parties on a range of topics that are considered important issues.

In the lead up to this election, we were asked by the Catholic Weekly to provide our answers so voters could help decide how to vote on March 23.

Monica Doumit from The Catholic Weekly highlights a minor party are not in the position to win enough seats to form government in the lower house. But the Christian Democratic Party do hope to retain the balance of power in the Upper House, which will allow us to make a difference when laws are voted on in the Upper House. This was made evident in November 2017, when the euthanasia bill was defeated 20 to 19 – we were the vote that made the difference. This balance of power also allows us to successfully propose amendments to laws, helping make them fairer for the people of New South Wales.

There are varied answers across the political spectrum, and some are surprising with their clear agenda against Christianity and Religious Freedom, such as the Greens, with their answers including banning Special Religions Education and their fight for free and legal abortions.

It is our responsibility to vote on March 23, and I encourage you to read the answers shared in The Catholic Weekly to help you decide where to cast your vote.


The Catholic Weekly NSW Election Guide