Keep Scripture in our Schools

Keep Scripture in our Schools

Scripture in schools is about choice.

Overwhelming majority of parents and school communities support SRE with over 70 per cent of parents of primary aged students across NSW opting in to the program.

Students who participate in scripture do so with the approval of parents, who choose to enrol their child with a religious option that is consistent with the family’s beliefs and values.

A recent independent survey found that the vast majority of Australians supported providing students with a choice of valued-based education like SRE.

The Christian Democratic Party believes that faith-based values and spirituality is a vital part of holistic education and enhances a school's wellbeing framework. 

Earlier this month Christian SRE launched a new campaign seeking to educate parents and the community about the value of teaching scripture in schools and to encourage children to question life, explore values and discover faith.

The public campaign aims to inform parents that SRE supports them in building a better-balanced future for their children, by engaging students in conversations consistent with the values of their families.

Over the coming weeks brochures for Primary and High School families will begin to be distributed.

Please feel free to speak to the administration staff at your local school to confirm if their brochures have arrived.

Your school Principal should also receive a letter to let them know that brochures will be made available to them from all the providers including; Christian SRE, All Faiths SRE and Primary Ethics.

In the meantime keep an eye out for the Christian SRE ads on the back of your local buses, on your local Christian radio station and why not jump online and follow @ChristianSRE on Facebook.

CDP is committed to seeing scripture taught in our schools beyond 2019 and this is a fantastic campaign to educate parents and the community on the options available to families.