This New Law Would Help Protect Religious Freedom in NSW

This New Law Would Help Protect Religious Freedom in NSW

Rev. Hon. Fred Nile MLC, Christian Democratic Party, today gave notice of his intention to introduce the Anti-Discrimination (Religious Beliefs and Religious Activities) Bill.

This Bill will protect the rights and liberties of individuals and institutions that are faith-based, including protecting faith-based institutions from detrimental treatment on the grounds of faith. 

The Christian Democratic Party holds strong concerns for the ability of schools and faith-based charities and organisations to be able to continue to operate, with Government support and funding. 

“I have been deeply concerned about the gradual erosion of human rights which have always formed the basis of our civil society. Religious liberty is one of those rights. Without it, we cannot truly call our country a tolerant nation.” said Rev. Hon. Fred Nile MLC. 

“We are working to safeguard the ability of faith-based Schools to teach faith-based values without penalty, as well as ensuring churches do not lose their charitable status because of their faith.” said Hon. Paul Green MLC 

“The right to free conscience is fundamental to any open society. Compromising this fosters a culture of closed minds and that is not the future I want for New South Wales. We deserve better.” concluded Rev. Hon .Fred Nile MLC 

“I believe people should be able to stay true to their convictions and that every human being is entitled to live according to his or her conscience, whether or not that be faith driven.” concluded Hon. Paul Green MLC.