CDP speaks to 100 million people

CDP speaks to 100 million viewers

I had an amazing opportunity to speak to people on AlkarmaTV. Alkarma TV is a Christian TV show that is broadcast to around 100million people.

On the show I shared the gospel of Jesus Christ and was able to talk about our Christian Worldview and how the Christian Democratic Party seeks to bring a Christian response to legislation. I also had the privilege of speaking on the Modern Slavery Bill.

I shared with the audience how NSW will deal with human trafficking focused on a victim-centred approach. Where we support people who have been taken advantage of and work to get them back on their feet and help rebuild their lives.

Just as Christ came and brought comfort and healing to those in need, the Christian Democratic Party is committed to help those in need. The passage of this Bill is an opportunity to continue good work in supporting our most vulnerable.

The interview will be re-run twice and air in Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.