James Gent - CDP Candidate for Campbelltown
NSW State Election 23rd March 2019

CDP policies

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James Gent knows what it is like to do it tough. His life experiences have taught him the daily pressures placed upon working families and single parents. The high cost of living in Sydney is something that is important to James and he will stand up for families against uncaring energy giants and self-interested career politicians.


I believe in putting solar panels and battery storage units in government housing so as to assist our most vulnerable.

I believe in an opt out organ donor register for NSW to assist our hospital patients and decrease wait times.

I believe that there needs to be a greater focus on small business and encourage growth and employment by the removal of some red tape and payroll tax

I believe that we must invest in essential services and state infrastructure so as to prepare our already over-burdened state for future growth and immigration.