Joshua Green - CDP Candidate for Blacktown
NSW State Election 23rd March 2019

CDP policies

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'In standing for Blacktown in 2019, I aim to make some real and significant changes in the community. At the top of my list is tackling crime, reducing hospital waiting times, and improving road conditions. I would like to introduce changes to make it far easier for people to look for work and/or get assistance, and lastly I want to bring some new ideas in the attempt to reduce poverty.

Blacktown is a great community with huge potential but it has been neglected for far too long. I will make sure that the job gets done and the community receives the services that their tax dollars are meant to provide. I have lived in Western Sydney for 36 years, and I currently work in hospitality which develops an attitude of getting a job done fast. I am able to bring that same drive into running government.

Blacktown needs a leader that they can trust, and I promise to deliver positive change that you can believe in.' - Joshua Green