About Paul

About Paul

Paul was elected to the NSW Legislative Council in 2011, where he now works to represent the state of NSW. Previously Paul was a Councillor for Shoalhaven City Council and in 2008 was elected Mayor, a role in which he served the city until October 2012.

Paul now works alongside Rev. Hon. Fred Nile MLC, advocating a Christian response to policy and laws. Currently they hold the balance of power in the NSW Legislative Council and the CDP remains committed to working with the Government of the day.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Nursing and practised as a Registered Nurse before beginning a small business. Paul has also completed studies in Leadership at Hillsong Bible College and was a Pastor at his local church prior to running for Local Government in 2004.

Since Paul’s election in 2011, he has worked to see the upgrade of the Princes Highway including the delivery of the Stage Two upgrade between Gerringong to Berry. Paul also secured a commitment for the Stage Three Princes Highway upgrade covering Berry to Bomaderry. The next step is to see Stage Four delivered a new third crossing over the Shoalhaven River.

Paul has played a major role in ensuring Special Religious Education (SRE) remains in our schools, addressing the spiritual wellbeing of children throughout NSW schools.

Paul is a strong campaigner against the Safe Schools Program. He was instrumental in the introduction of a broad based anti-bullying program for NSW schools addressing the daily challenges students face in there, often private, worlds.

Paul has been influential in seeing changes to the planning regulations to allow places of public worship to be permitted in IN1 & IN2 zones, removing the red tape that many churches encountered in getting development approvals (DA).

Paul has also initiated changes to school planning SEPP, ensuring that non-government schools now have the same ability as public schools to build small-scale, one-storey developments without the need for development consent from the local council, provided that proper environmental assessment is undertaken.

Since coming into the Legislative Council in 2011, CDP has contributed to the increase of NSW net worth by over $100 billion dollars (projected). This demonstrates the important role Paul has undertaken in addressing reform for the benefit of all residents of NSW.

CDP continues to support the delivery of vital infrastructure projects across NSW including upgrades to hospitals, schools, roads, bridges and public transport.

Paul works with the President of the NSW Parliament and carries chairing responsibilities during the Chamber sitting periods as well as in Committee Inquiries. This speaks to the level of respect and integrity entrusted to him by this Parliament and his parliamentary colleagues.

Paul is known for his fairness and impartiality amongst his state colleagues and the constituents he has the privilege of representing.

Paul works to ensure that families and workers are strongly represented and that the impacts of proposed law always seeks to strengthen and build a stronger society for all who live in the great state of New South Wales.

Paul is married to Michelle and together they have six children.