Craig Hall - CDP Candidate for Baulkham Hills
NSW State Election 23rd March 2019

CDP policies

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Craig Hall has lived in the greater Paramatta/Hills are since 1991, attends church and has an active Ministry at his church in the Hills.

He has stood as a candidate for the Hills at local Council in 2017, and is a founder of a non-profit Community Hub centre in the North West of the electorate. Craig has a Degree in Economics and Masters degree in Christian Studies and involved in the management of a Christian College. Craig was on the Parking Fine Appeals Committee for six years giving you the right to a fair go on parking fines. Craig worked with and lobbied the Mayor and government to bring the Power House Museum to the West & Hills, and have childrens’ play areas in Parks restored, cycleways and green corridors expanded for families, and protect the Hills from high-rise development.

He is the State Director of the Christian Democratic Party - “I am passionate about the Hills electorate that is why I am standing as a candidate to give you direct representation”. The Christian Democratic Party used our votes in NSW Parliament to preserved the “Place of Worship” zoning allowing new churches to be built – only the CDP gave you that protection of your rights to practice your faith, plant and build new churches. Your vote for CDP to protect our values has direct influence in government in NSW. “I am believing its time for Christians to vote for Christians”.


  1. Restricting High Rise in the Hills
  2. Parks made family safe with play equipment restored
  3. Car parking facilities near new train stations.
  4. Preserving “Place of Worship” zoning allowing churches to be built.