A vote for Paul Green and the CDP will mean a safe vote, with a party that has been trusted for over 35 years.

A Trusted Vote

A vote for Paul Green and the CDP will mean a safe vote, with a party that has been trusted for over 35 years.

The NSW 2019 election is fast approaching, and it is a narrow race for the 21 seats in the NSW Upper House. For the past 8 years, The Rev. Hon. Fred Nile MLC and I have held the balance of power in the NSW Legislative Council. This has allowed us to keep Christian values in the NSW Parliament and our vote has often been the deciding vote on important pieces of legislation, such as voting down the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in 2017.

It could be an interesting makeup of the Legislative Council with Mark Latham running for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party and David Leyonhjelm making the switch from Federal to NSW politics. On 23 March 2019, the way you vote counts.

I encourage you to vote for me, Paul Green, the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) on 23 March 2019 to keep Christian values in NSW Parliament. A vote for Paul Green and the CDP will mean a safe vote, with a party that has been trusted for over 35 years.


I believe that all people were created with the same dignity and value. That’s why I’ll fight to put people at the centre of NSW healthcare:

  • We need more support for nurses, doctors and paramedics on the front line.
  • We want to see increased support for palliative care, rather than a move towards assisted suicide and euthanasia like we’ve seen in other states.
  • As a former nurse, I believe it is important that we offer more support for new and expecting mums, and raise our voice for the unborn.


It is important to me that our kids get the great education and values they need for a brighter future:

  • I will fight to protect school scripture (SRE) classes. Scripture (SRE) has personally influenced my life significantly. I believe keeping Scripture (SRE) in our schools and supporting school chaplains will continue to help support the whole development and wellbeing of our young people.
  • I will continue to ensure families that value home-school are supported.
  • I believe that we should oppose radical ‘gender fluidity’ programs like the so-called “Safe Schools” program, but rather advocating for a widespread anti-bullying strategy.


I’ll fight to preserve our family Christian values so future generations can benefit from the values that have built our country:

  • I will introduce the Religious Freedoms Act with the Rev. Hon. Fred Nile.
  • I will support keeping The Lord’s Prayer in Parliament.
  • I will oppose Islamic Sharia Law being introduced into NSW.
  • I will continue to fight against the exploitation of our vulnerable. One example of this is through the Modern Slavery Act that we introduced in June 2018. It is the first piece of legislation anywhere in Australia that tackles the global problem of human trafficking and modern slavery.


The CDP has been trusted for over 35 years.

We’ve seen what happens when the major parties get too much power. That is why we need to keep a strong and trusted voice in Parliament, to keep the two big parties honest. The CDP will fight for the values that have made Australia the greatest nation on earth. We have a proven track record of using our influence in the Parliament to rein in the excesses of the major parties, and to fight for the one. Vote 1 Paul Green and the CDP on 23 March 2019!