#Right2protest (for some)

#Right2protest (for some)

Our nation operates under the principle of 'rule of law'. Where all people are subject to and equal before the law.

A disallowance motion was led by the Greens party this week that sought to stand for the ability of people in New South Wales to protest. 

The Christian Democratic Party supports free speech and it is most unfortunate that recently we have seen the Liberal, National, Labor and Greens parties all shut down the right to free speech in New South Wales.

We are disheartened that where the right to free speech representing Christian values is ignored and overruled.

Less than one month ago, a bill before this House referred to the opportunity to either pray or protest within 150 metres from a reproductive health clinic.

I know that there are those who make themselves available to talk with women considering their options prior to entering an appointment at the health clinics. They patiently wait for the opportunity to have a little chat, if the person so wishes.

In no way do I condone the harassment, intimidation or threatening of any person at these clinics or anywhere else for that matter. 

My colleague and I stood for the right to free speech during this debate. We believe that everyone should be treated equal in the eyes of the law and it is disappointing that everyone’s views are not equally tolerated, whether we agree with them or not. 

The establishment of the 150m buffer zones flies in the face of free speech or the "right to protest" as some parties see it. A right that some parties would argue should be fought for at all costs regardless of the law.

I am profoundly disappointed by this double standard. That the "right to protest" and the right to free speech is only defend when it aligns with political interest, and it does not defend the right of EVERYONE to have the same ability to speak freely.