Member for the Christian Democratic Party
We’re for NSW

"As a husband and father I want to live in a state that; works to support families; provides economic and job opportunities; and actively considers and plans for our future needs. I am committed to Christian values and have a proven record of fighting for just and fair outcomes for all residents of New South Wales."


NSW needs a strong and courageous Christian voice in parliament

The 2019 NSW state election is less than 12 months away.

By God’s grace and emboldened by your prayers, together we have scored big wins in recent years like:

  • strengthening Special Religious Education
  • enabling churches to be established and grow in industrial zones
  • scrapping the radical 'Safe Schools' program
  • defeating dangerous euthanasia legislation.

Your gift today will help us reach an important $25,240 target needed to get our election campaign off to a strong start and ensure that much-needed Christian voice remains in our parliament.